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Helping you live your life with dignity, purpose, security and financial freedom.

Our Company

Hello. My name is Bob Hoffman. I founder of The R Hoffman Group of companies. While all divisions of our company focus on making life easier and more enjoyable, Great past 60 was created to serve you. We wanted to create a place where you could get real, accurate, tested information, and tools to live the second half of your life with dignity, income, and purpose.

Bob Hoffman

Founder: Great Past 60

My Story

I spent my career in Financial Services and Banking.  I was the Regional Managing Director of a large private bank.  I loved my job!  I had a deep sense of purpose, made a lot of money, had friends and clients all over the world, and gave a lot to charity.  I was on several boards and watched many people have their lives changed for the better because of my work. 

Then the financial crisis of 2008 hit and a few years later, my world turned upside down.  A merger happened at my employer, and those who were over 50 and earning big salaries, were forced out and replaced by new, younger, and cheaper talent. 

This sent me into a deep depression.  I was devastated.   I was lonely, felt my life meant nothing and started to worry about how I was going to live the rest of my life on what I had saved.  Also, I found out how hard it is to find a job when employers think you are “Over the Hill”.  Yes, somebody really said that to me.

Then in my late 50’s, with the advice of my parents and a few close friends, I turned my life around, built multiple income flows, and once again, found my purpose.  I am now over 60 and I am grateful to say, the future has never been brighter. I can now focus on helping others and you can as well.

Being over 60 gives us many advantages.  Experience, wisdom, long-lasting friendships, and skills are a few of these advantages.  The biggest disadvantage we have is time.  Take advantage of the ideas you find on these pages.  The rest of your life is at stake.

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