Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure
Affiliate Disclosure
A win-win relationship
Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure: In accordance with the values of Great Past 60, we will always share the WHOLE truth with you. There are Affiliate Relationships in our site.

What is an Affiliate Relationship?

An affiliate relationship is where Great Past 60 receives a referral fee to send our readers to their site and that person buys something or becomes a member. For example, we are an affiliate with Uber. If you sign up as a driver or use their service through a link from our site, we get paid a small referral fee. It is paid to us by the company and not by you.

Why Do We Do This?

Why do we do this? Because it helps defray the cost of producing this site and its content. We believe that every relationship should benefit both parties. Our outbound links are there to benefit you. They are there to help you earn money or get products that enhance your life at the best possible prices. You will pay the same price (sometimes less but never more) if you use our link as opposed to going to the site directly.

It is a win for us as well because the referral fees help us cover the cost of this site. You are free to visit a site directly, but we won’t get a fee from the provider. Since it costs you nothing, we hope you will feel good about using our links and supporting Great Past 60.

Why do Vendors do This?

Because getting traffic from a well respected, trusted site is very effective. Companies spend millions on advertising, but a referral from a trusted source is the most effective way to gain loyal customers or workers. This is a very common practice on most web sites, but most of them do their best to hide it from you. While we are required by the Federal Trade Commission to post an affiliate disclosure, it can easily be posted in small print at the bottom of a page. Great Past 60 doesn’t do this. Your trust is so important to us so we post it in prominent locations where they are used.

Is There a Downside to Affiliate Links?

There could be. Some websites might send you to links just to make money. We don’t do this. We only post links to products and services that are tried and true. Great Past 60 tries very hard not to let a small referral fee influence our decisions and only post links that we feel are in your best interest. We will never do anything to betray your trust.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the Contact page.

Thank you for using our links, supporting Great Past 60, and your trust.

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