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An Introduction to Great Past 60

What exactly, is Great Past 60?

An Introduction to Great Past 60. is a BLOG that was created by Robert Hoffman in October of 2018. Its mission is to help people of retirement age live their lives with dignity, security, and abundance.

There are over one billion people who are over 60 in the United States alone. This is a huge source of experience, knowledge, and wisdom that, in many cases, is overlooked and undervalued.

Yet in spite of this experience, knowledge and wisdom, this group is largely underserved in terms of disposable income and leveraging of their talents. This typically leads to a loss of dignity, a feeling of unimportance, and a shortened, unhappy life.

Great Past 60 is focused on fixing this. We will work to identify the one billion people out there over 60 and funnel as many as possible to our community, where collectively, we can help each other grow and bring to light the value of our members.

Three Focus Areas

Three Focus Areas

After years of study and observation, we believe we can have the greatest impact on bringing value to our community by focusing on three areas. These focus areas are as follows:

  1. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  2. Generating Multiple Income Streams
  3. Protecting Assets and Leaving a Legacy

Mind, Body, and Spirit

In order to live a long and productive life, we need to have our minds body and spiritual relationships balanced and in a great, positive place. Great Past 60 will provide the resources to help with this through tried and true articles, tips and advice posted to our site.

The current President of the United States and many of the CEO’s of our Fortune 500 companies are above 60 years old. In spite of their age, they are adding value every day and are competent and confident to lead. They realize that age does NOT diminish the experience, knowledge and wisdom needed to be productive. They constantly focus on growing their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Multiple Income Streams

Furthermore, many seniors live paycheck to paycheck or live solely on their Social Security checks. This makes it very difficult to live with dignity, security, and abundance. It also tends to rob us of self worth, even though we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom. This is why focus area 2 is so important! We will be providing hundreds of ways to earn additional income to supplement your current cash flow.

Social Security, by their own admission, is in trouble. You do not want to wait until you are thirsty to dig your well! The time is NOW to start building multiple income streams to protect yourself from a change in benefits of Social Security, a rise of inflation, or a change in our economy.

Senior Store

Good old fashion craftsmanship is a very valuable commodity. Some of our members have the most amazing skills and could use them to generate income. To this end, we have created a Senior Store dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers together to generate income for the seller and one of a kind, valuable products to our buyers. This is NOT a profit center for us. We charge a small percentage of the sale to cover our cost in operating and advertising the store. Our goal is to put as much as possible profit into the hands that created the item.

Protecting Assets and Leaving a Legacy

Finally, we will focus on financial skills. It does no good to make money if you can’t keep more than you spend. We need to build reserves to get us through the tough times. There are many scams out there by people wanting to take your hard-earned dollars.

We will help you recognize and avoid these scams. You can save money and increase your disposable income by knowing the Government programs available to you like Medicare, Social Security, tax credits, among many others. You can find the answers to your questions here.

Growing Our Community

Growth of our Community. Share with others to add value for all.

Sharing this site with those you know is critical. It brings you more answers to your questions, more political clout, better ideas, and content, and gives you the satisfaction that you are helping others. Please don’t keep us a secret. Join our community and encourage others to join as well.

Great Past 60

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