Great Past 60 Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs
We Believe:


  1. We will add value to every reader through accurate and tested content
  2. We believe that wisdom comes mainly from experience and mentor-ship
  3. It is our belief that age makes us better, wiser and more experienced
  4. We believe that we all can live the life we desire through hard work, persistence, and attitude
  5. We believe that the only deal worth entering is one where all parties win.
  6. Our FIRM belief is that ethics should NEVER be sacrificed for personal gain
  7. We believe that if we help people succeed, we will succeed as a result
  8. We believe we were put on Earth to help and serve others
  9. At Great Past 60, our core beliefs are that keeping our word, loyalty, servitude, and gratitude are always to be honored

In all of your dealings with Great Past 60, you can rest easy in the fact that we operate under a very high standard. You can see these Core Beliefs in everything we do. We put your needs and growth before our own.

You can find proof of this through out our site. For example, we provide accurate, tested contend with references as appropriate. There is no charge to become a member with full access to this valuable information. Finally, we put hours upon hours and thousands of dollars into this site for your benefit.

We hope you recognise this and rest easy when inviting your friends to join our community.

Thank you for supporting Great Past 60.

Deals, Steals and Freebies

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