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The Great Past 60 Community. There is tremendous wisdom in our community. Take advantage of it. Ask questions, share your thoughts with others. Make sure you do your part in growing our community. The more people active here, the better the information. Share this site with everybody you know.

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Our Obligations

Our obligation to the Great Past 60 community is to provide the best, accurate, timely content in alignment with our mission. It is also to spread the word and promote this site to grow our community base. This, in turn, benefits us all.

Your Obligations

Your obligations to Great Past 60 is to take the value you are looking for from it’s pages. It is also to help others in need with your knowledge, expertise and wisdom by offering your thoughts to those asking for help. Abiding by our values is also important. Finally, you can help by sharing and promoting our site as well.

Helping Our Community

This community is partially funded through referral fees and commissions from our affiliates. We will post links to offers that we have tried and found to ve highly valuable. Please don’t take offence. We post them first of all, to save you money, and second of all, to generate funds to keep our community moving forward.

The funds we raise are used to maintain, promote and advertise this site. We also use funds to advocate on behalf of all Seniors to our legislation and special interest groups.

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