Think You are Alone?

About Great Past 60

Not by a long shot!

Think You are Alone?
Over 1 Billion People are 60 and Older

Think you are alone? Rest assured! You are not. With over 1 Billion people over 60, there is sure to be somebody out there who knows how you feel, thinks the same thoughts, has traveled the road you wish to travel, and is willing to share and connect.

But you need to be engaged. It is up to you to share, ask, answer and contribute. spread the word, give back, and you will gain in ways you never thought of.

Finding Your Purpose

There are over one billion people out there over 60 years old. This Blog has been set up to help them. It is a place to find clear, easy to understand, accurate, and timely information on the issues facing seniors. We have created this so they can find everything needed in one place.

You can help. Please become a member of this community. It is free to join, and free to share. Click this link. As we grow, so does the value to you. In addition, please share this with your friends.

You have over 60 years of experience. Share your knowledge by writing an article that will help somebody so I can post it on our Blog. Email it to You will be making a difference in somebody’s life. With over 1 billion seniors out there, I assure you it won’t be a waste of your time. Somebody will need it.

Don’t Keep Yourself a Secret

You really do matter. Share you wisdom, knowledge, and experience with others! You will feel great about helping others!

Thank you.

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