You CAN Still Change the World! Here is Proof

Changing the world.  Dick Kazan

Changing the World!

You can start changing the world. One person at a time!

Meet Dick Kazan. Dick continues to change the world! I know this because he has changed my world, and he doesn’t even know I exist. How is this possible? Let me explain.

Fifteen years ago, I was a regional managing director for a large private bank. I was focused on getting my teams to find ways to add value to everybody they interacted with. Private banking is based on adding value to your clients, and putting their needs first. If you do this, your clients will trust you, do business with you, and stay loyal to you.

The challenge is that your clients are some of the wealthiest people in the world and your employees are not. Most of my team thought they had nothing to offer to people who appeared to have everything. We had some self esteem issues that manifested themselves in some negative behaviors. So I went to work helping my teams discover their value.

Enter Dick Kazan

I started a newsletter to distribute to my team once per week. It had several items aimed at personal growth, hand selected by the challenges I saw in my team. By using a newsletter, I could deliver what I thought one person needed to that person, without that person thinking I was singling them out.

It is here that I discovered Dick. Mr. Kazan has a Blog loaded with stories of people who have made a difference. People you would think who had no chance to help themselves, let alone change the world.

His writings were so impactful, that I started sharing them in my internal newsletter. And they worked. Over the years, my team discovered their true value. The values of servitude, belief, compassion, persistence, and a host of others. Not only did they make a difference in our clients lives, they made a difference in the world around themselves.

Success Leaves Clues

Disk is an incredibly successful man. His company had over 2 billion in assets before he sold it in 1994. You can see his Bio at the end of this post. Why would he spend his valuable time writing such amazing accounts of greatness and share them FOR FREE?

Because Dick believes with all his heart that people matter! Ironically, like the people he writes about, Dick has changed the world as well. He has helped so many people realize that true value comes not from what you have, but from what you GIVE.

He believes that no matter what your age is, no matter how much money you have, or what your physical condition is, YOU can make a difference.

Follow Dick’s lead.

Look for ways to help others. You will reap huge benefit. Your self confidence and esteem will skyrocket. You will gain clarity in life’s mission and purpose. You will gain new friends and trust. And this is just the beginning of the list.

Here is a link to Dick’s Blog. Subscribe to it, follow him, and most important, share it with others. Your friends may need to hear his messages, just like my teams did. By doing this one small thing, you could set in motion a snowball that will help many.

This means that YOU are already changing the world for the better!

Dick Kazan

Dick Kazan Bio

Corporate Background: 

Dick Kazan was the founder, chairman and CEO of Capital Associates, Inc. which became one of the largest computer leasing companies in the United States, with over $2 billion in assets. Capital Associates had offices nationwide and in Japan and many of its clients were Fortune 500 or second 500 firms.

As the architect of a one person start-up firm, Mr. Kazan recruited and motivated talented people and together they built the company into an industry powerhouse and along the way successfully overcame many common business obstacles.

In 1994, Mr. Kazan sold his ownership in the company and resigned from the Board of Directors. For Mr. Kazan, Capital Associates was a 20 year invaluable experience and from it, he can discuss many of the business and job issues you may face.

Real Estate Background: 

Mr. Kazan and his wife Anne have successfully invested in Real Estate since 1976. If you are an investor, homeowner or want to become an investor and/or homeowner, Mr. Kazan can give you seasoned advice. 

Media Background: 

As a talk show host on major Southern California radio stations KABC, KMPC and KOGO, Mr. Kazan interviewed numerous successful business people, some of whom headed companies that are world renowned.

He also shared business and real estate advice and success stories such as those he offers you, with thousands of listeners. Mr. Kazan did the same for readers as a business columnist for Radio & Records, a major radio industry publication and for The Daily Breeze, a Los Angeles area newspaper with 65,000 subscribers.

Mr. Kazan is currently the author of a peaceful writings discussion forum published on

Formal Education: 

Bachelor’s Degree in History, California State University, Los Angeles (1967) and a Master’s Degree in Social Science, San Jose State University (1969).

Great Past 60 Changing the world. One person at a time.

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