finance: Protecting Your Money
finance: Protecting Your Money

Protecting Your Money

Protecting your money encompases much more than just money. Yes, you need to know how to manage your money, but you also need to know how to protect yourself from the things that can take it from you.

Things like Scams and taxes. Government programs like Social Security and Medicare. Necessities like insurance and financial institutions. Furthermore, you need to know how to get the most for your dollar through discount programs and proper use of resources.

Below, you will find a wealth of information on all of these subjects along with some amazing tools, trainings, and links to sites you need to know about. Sites like scam alerts, Social Security, Medicare, Financial Planning tools, and a whole lot more.

You will also find links to free stuff and discounts to help you stretch your dollars. The key here is to buy the things you need or intended to buy anyway, but buy it at a discount. You don’t want to buy something because it is on sale and hurt your budget.

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