Life Calculators

Life Calculators
Life Calculators

Life Calculators

Here are some handy calculators to use. Remember that numbers give insight but only action brings results.

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The Truth

I am a numbers guy at heart. But the truth of the matter is that numbers only give us a small part of the picture. Statistics paint a picture based on the law of large numbers and not on individual situations. Statistics can NOT tell you when you are going to die. They are extremely inaccurate in predicting your life expectancy as an individual. In contrast, they are incredibly accurate for a large group.

The dangers in looking at a “life calculators” number is letting it get into your own head. This is because, what you believe in your head with conviction usually becomes the your reality. Moreover, if you use a calculator to see that your life expectancy is age 82, and believe this to be true, you have just increased your chances of dying at age 82.

On the other hand, if you see the age 82 number and say “I will beat this number”, then you have just dramatically increased your chances of living past age 82. It is habits, fueled by belief that changes things.

Once you set your mind on living to age 100, you will start to develop the habits that will take you there. For example, you will start eating better, sleeping more, offloading stress, exercise, and a bunch of other habits will undoubtedly increase your life span.

Does this mean you are guaranteed to reach age 100? Of course not. However, if the calculator told you 82, and you lived to age 92 because of your mindset but didn’t make it to 100, did you fail? I don’t think so! A lot can be accomplished in that extra 10 years.

Focus on Life Meaning

Focus on a life of meaning. A life full of gratitude and serving. In those extra 10 years, you can leave more of a legacy than you did in the other 82 years combined. Above all, “One” is the only number that counts and that “One” is YOU!


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