Medicare Made Simple
Medicare Made Simple

Medicare Made Simple

Medicare made Simple is here to help you navigate the complex system.

To begin with, Medicare is a complex system. This is because it has morphed into the current program over many decades. We have kept the best parts, started new ones, and ended up with a group of alternatives that make it difficult to understand which route is right for you.

In this section, I will go over the history, different programs, rules, and facts of Medicare in a language and structure that makes it simple to understand. You have all the resources you need to navigate this system and keep you from making choices that can hurt you later.

The Programs

There are essentially three programs to choose from. First we have Original Medicare. You may know this as Part A and Part B. It was introduced first in 1965 to cover health insurance for Seniors over 65.

The second program is called Medigap or a Medicare Supplement. They mean the same thing. Introduced in the 1980’s, it was aimed at people who could afford private insurance to cover the costs that Original Medicare did not cover. This is like an umbrella policy for your Original Medicare.

Finally, you have Advantage. It covers Part C and Part D. This program is an alternative to Part A and Part B offered through insurance companies instead of the government. However, you must still pay for Part B as well. Part C is the Advantage part covering what Part A and B cover plus some highly valuable additions, and Part D covers prescriptions.


Below, you will find a list of resources to educate and guide you through this system. You should begin with History and Easy Explanation and work your way through. If at any point, you need help understanding something, email me at and we will help you to understand.

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