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This Scam Alerts section has the resources you need to keep yourself safe. I was recently targeted by a scam that was so elaborate and so good, it even had me fooled. Fortunately, there were a few warning signs so I didn’t give them any money. As a result, I am providing you with a few sites you can use to check the legitimacy of a company. If you have any negative gut feeling, follow it up before you part ways with your money or information.


APRIL 3, 2019 Social Sentiment Investing Tools—Think Twice Before Trading Based on Social MediaMARCH 18, 2019 Broker Imposter Scams: Remember To Ask And Check
MARCH 4, 2019 Beware of Fake Check ScamsFEBRUARY 21, 2019 High-Yield CD Offers Can Be Bait for High-Commission Investments


APRIL 3, 2019

Social Sentiment Investing Tool. Always think twice before trading based on social media.

FINRA and the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy are issuing this Investor Alert to inform investors about social sentiment investing tools and highlight their risks.

This Alert provides tips to consider before using tools that analyze or aggregate information from social media sources to make investment decisions or attempt to predict changes in the stock market’s direction or in the price of a security.

MARCH 18, 2019

Broker Imposter Scams: Remember To Ask And Check.

FINRA is aware of a recent scheme that involved an unregistered individual impersonating a registered investment professional to lure in potential investors. This scammer created a fake version of a public FINRA BrokerCheck® report of a legitimate broker—picking an experienced broker with a spotless regulatory record.

MARCH 4, 2019

Beware of Fake Check Scams.

Fake checks purported to be issued by FINRA appear to be back in circulation in 2019.

The checks are counterfeit. Our updated Alert warns the public about job-search scams in which people who respond to ads or online job postings receive checks that appear to be from legitimate companies—including FINRA.

FEBRUARY 21, 2019

High-Yield CD Offers Can Be Bait for High-Commission Investments.

We are reissuing this alert because, as interest rates have increased in recent months, so have calls to FINRA from investors concerned that promotions for higher-than-average CD rates are in fact pitches for high-commission investment products.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

Beware of Stock Fraud in the Wake of Hurricane Florence.

Financial fraud routinely follows on the heels of disaster. Hurricane Florence and its aftermath are no exception. We are issuing this Alert to warn investors that investment scams may come your way touting stocks and other investments with the promise of huge gains in the wake of Florence.

AUGUST 16, 2018

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)—What to Know Now and Time-Tested Tips for Investors.

FINRA is issuing this alert to inform investors that investments in digital assets, such as ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies, can involve significant uncertainty, as well as risks that are different from more conventional assets like stocks or bonds.

AUGUST 2, 2018

Advance-Fee Frauds Keep Dropping the FINRA Name—Don’t Fall for “Regulator” Imposter Ploys.

Fraudsters continue to impersonate FINRA executives, offering bogus investment “guarantees” to investors as part of an advance-fee scam. Read more about the lengths these fraudsters go to in creating a false sense of security.

MAY 14, 2018

It Pays to Understand Your Brokerage Account Statements and Trade Confirmations.

FINRA is re-issuing this alert to remind investors about the key elements of their brokerage account statements and trade confirmations and to provide tips that can help avoid problems.

MARCH 29, 2018

Know Before You Share: Be Mindful of Data Aggregation Risks.

If putting all your financial information online and in one place sounds like a good idea, there are many companies—often called data aggregators—ready to help you organize your financial life. However, before you share your account information and other sensitive financial details with data aggregators, it pays to know how these services operate, and how to protect yourself from potential privacy and security risks.

MARCH 7, 2018

Job Dislocation—Managing the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss.

You may not be able to control if or when your company closes a plant or lays off workers—but you can take steps to manage the financial impact of those events. We have updated this Alert with the latest annual IRS contribution limits for retirement plans.

FEBRUARY 16, 2018

Imposter Scams: Don’t Be Fooled By “Guarantees” or Money-Making Pitches from “Regulators”.

FINRA is issuing this Alert to warn investors that scammers are posing as regulators to separate you from your money. However, you will want to know that neither FINRA, nor any of its executives, will ever provide a “guarantee” on an investment or offer to facilitate your participation in any sort of money-making scheme.

JANUARY 18, 2018

Investing with Borrowed Funds: No “Margin” for Error.

FINRA is re-issuing this alert because we are concerned that many investors may underestimate the risks of trading on margin and misunderstand the operation of, and reason for, margin calls.


DECEMBER 21, 2017

Don’t Fall for Cryptocurrency-Related Stock Scams.

In today’s “hot” cryptocurrency environment, it’s easy for companies or their promoters to make glorified claims about new products, services and other cryptocurrency-related connections. Consequently, even when legitimate companies flock to a hot, new sector, fraudsters almost always follow suit, exploiting the news to launch their latest frauds du jour. Follow these tips to avoid costly mistakes.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

Five Do’s and Don’ts That Can Help You Achieve Greater Financial Security.

Drawing on the findings of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s National Financial Capability Study of more than 25,000 American adults, the FINRA Foundation has developed five tips to help consumers both manage their day-to-day financial challenges and build a brighter financial future.

AUGUST 31, 2017

Beware of Stock Fraud in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Financial fraud routinely follows on the heels of disaster. Hurricane Harvey and the historic flooding it left it its wake is no exception. We are issuing this Alert to warn investors that investment scams may come your way touting stocks and other investments with the promise of huge gains in the wake of Harvey. This Investor Alert explains how to spot and protect yourself from potential investment scams.

AUGUST 31, 2017

Initial Coin Offerings: Know Before You Invest.

FINRA has issued a new alert to inform investors about the potential risks of participating in Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs. Investors should be aware that ICOs differ significantly from initial public offerings (IPOs).

Unlike stocks, ICOs typically confer no ownership rights in the company; and unlike bonds, ICOs do not involve investors lending money to the issuer. Instead, ICOs involve new technologies and products that are highly technical and complex, and investors can lose some or all of the money they invest in an ICO.

JULY 6, 2017

Fake Online Job Interviews: Terminate Before It’s Too Late.

Some companies and recruiters use online video call technologies such as Skype as a convenient and cost-effective way to interview job applicants.

Unfortunately, fraudsters are using them too, and they aren’t looking to offer you a job.

FINRA is issuing this Alert to warn the public that individuals claiming to be involved in the hiring process for legitimate organizations have turned to online video call platforms as a way to phish for your personal information and money.

MAY 17, 2017

Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act: What Investors Should Know.

“Crowdfunding” generally refers to the use of the Internet by small businesses to raise capital through limited investments from a large number of investors.

Under SEC rules, the general public can invest in capital raising by start-up companies.

This advisory is designed to help the public understand the crowdfunding rules and processes so they can make informed decisions about the risks and rewards of investing in these early-stage businesses.

MARCH 16, 2017

Binary Options Follow-Up Schemes: Don’t Lose Money Twice.

FINRA is issuing this alert to warn anyone involved in binary options trading—specifically through unregistered non-U.S. companies offering binary options trading platforms or services—to be on guard for potential follow-up frauds.

MARCH 6, 2017

Duration—What an Interest Rate Hike Could Do to Your Bond Portfolio.

If you own bonds or have money in a bond fund, there is a number you should know. It is called duration. Although stated in years, duration is not simply a measure of time. Instead, duration signals how much the price of your bond investment is likely to fluctuate when there is an up or down movement in interest rates. The higher the duration number, the more sensitive your bond investment will be to changes in interest rates.

JANUARY 19, 2017

Customer Advisory Centers—What Investors Need to Know.

This Investor Alert focuses on a type of call center called a customer advisory center. It is a center that is staffed by securities professionals who may provide financial planning services, sell securities products, and receive commissions or other financial incentives for doing so. These centers have become common and, in some instances, can be sales-orientated.

JANUARY 3, 2017

Inherited IRAs—What You Need to Know.

FINRA is issuing this alert to inform brokerage account holders, family members and other beneficiaries about inherited IRAs. We also provide tips for making the IRA inheritance process efficient and trouble-free.

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