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Welcome to Great Past 60

You have found the community for people nearing or reaching retirement age who wish to live their lives with dignity, security, and abundance.

Bob Hoffman, Founder, Great Past 60

Welcome to Great Past 60!


Congratulations on finding this website!  You will find great value in its pages.

Great Past 60 is all about you.  There are so many rewards to be had and so many challenges we face in our Golden Years.  The Golden Years has been defined as the years after retirement and is typically age 60 and above.  Not having been there, most younger generations don’t understand the issues faced in these years.

For Example, consider the following questions:

  • Do you ever worry about running out of money?
  • Are you living on a small fixed income?
  • Are you inexperienced with managing your finances?
  • Have you given up dreaming because of money?
  • Do you feel a lack of purpose?
  • Have you been told you are “over the hill”?
  • Do you think you are too old to learn new tricks?
  • Are you lonely or have lost your soulmate?
  • Do you have questions on Social Security or Medicare?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is for you. You are also highly encouraged to share your experiences here as well. You have a lot to teach.

This blog will give you the tools needed to generate multiple income streams without needing a lot of money to do it.  You will learn how bring meaning back into your life and once again, find your purpose.  It will share strategies on managing your finances, so you never have to worry about pursuing your dreams again.  Finally, this blog will show you how to give back, leave a legacy, and in turn, get rid of your loneliness.

About Bob Hoffman, Founder

I spent my career in Financial Services and Banking.  I was the Regional Managing Director of a large private bank.  I loved my job!  I had a deep sense of purpose, made a lot of money, had friends and clients all over the world, and gave a lot to charity.  I was on several boards and watched many people have their lives changed for the better because of my work. 

Then the financial crisis of 2008 hit and a few years later, my world turned upside down.  A merger happened at my employer, and those who were over 50 and earning big salaries, were forced out and replaced by new, younger, and cheaper talent. 

This sent me into a deep depression.  I was devastated.   I was lonely, felt my life meant nothing, and started to worry about how I was going to live the rest of my life on what I had saved.  I also found out how hard it is to find a job when employers think you are “Over the Hill”.  Yes, somebody really said that to me.

Then in my late 50’s, with the advice of my parents and a few close friends, I turned my life around, built multiple income flows, and once again, found my purpose.  This blog will help you do the same.  I have helped many people do this, and you can as well.

You Have Great Value

Being over 60, gives us many advantages.  Experience, wisdom, long lasting friendships, and skills are a few of these advantages.  The biggest disadvantage we have is time.  DON’T put off starting your adventure in creating the life you have always dreamed about. Take advantage of the ideas you find in these posts.  The rest of your life is at stake.

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