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Leading From Where You Are

Leading Where You Are by Dave Coffaro. Every now and then a great book comes out that I feel it is worth sharing. This is one such book.

Leading from Where you Are: 7 Themes to Make a Meaningful Impact in Your Work

David Coffaro

By David Coffaro

I have known the author as a friend and colleague for many years. When I saw this book, I had to read it because I watched Dave lead a team of the highest caliber professionals in the world. Dave was loved by his team, always hit his goals, and pioneered many parts of the Private Banking Trust business.

The premise of the Book

Leadership is not based on a job title or position; it’s the way we show up in our work through conscious choices and behaviors. We can show up as a leader in any position in an organization, from entry-level to C-suite, for-profit or social sector.

Meaning in our work comes from feeling we’re making an impact through our ideas and actions. Practicing the book’s seven themes can raise your leadership acumen, effectiveness, influence and the meaningfulness you experience in your work. Each chapter provides actionable ideas to put themes into practice. 

Leading from where you are is available on Amazon and through www.davecoffaro.com.   

The Main Messages

  • Leadership is a set of conscious choices and behaviors, not a job title. Use your voice to shape your organization’s direction by Leading from Where you Are.
  • To go higher in what we accomplish, we must dig deeper within ourselves to build a stronger foundation from which to grow. Leading from Where you Are is a framework to help you dig deeper and go higher in your accomplishment.

The Themes

  • is the intentional process of feeding growth and development of ideas with the goal of the application.
  • is the act of sharing and promoting knowledge, distilled to its’ simplest message, in an actionable form.
  • happens when you demonstrate ownership of activities in alignment with your organization’s vision.
  • is personal brand management. It begins when you create a clear picture of your competencies, strengths, what you have to contribute to your organization and how you want to be seen.
  • is mindfully focusing authentic energy into supporting an idea.


  • “Leading from Where you Are delivers an engaging and quick-flowing narrative that really explains how to be a better leader in very practical ways. Kate Klimow, Chief Administrative Officer and Director of External Relations, University of California, Irvine Beall Applied Innovation 
  • “Leading from Where You Are provides 7 sets of behaviors that will improve your leadership regardless of your role or the organization that you are in. Dave Coffaro thoroughly grounds these principles in the research literature, and in his extensive experience in a variety of leadership roles”. Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College
  • “As a woman in manufacturing, it took a decade of my career to understand how to bring my authentic self to leadership in a traditionally male-dominated field. I recommend Leading from Where You Are to every professional; this book will guide you to bringing your best, most authentic self, your highest skills, talents, creativity, empathy, and enthusiasm to your professional life, and help you to lead from where you are today”. Alex Parker, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Redline Detection, LLC
  • “Dave outlines easy-to-understand leadership themes and practical applications to develop the next generation of leaders at our organizations. Leaders from every sector will benefit from reading this book and reflecting on how their leadership choices and behaviors are making a positive impact on the mission of the organization and the future leaders who work there.” Nicole Suydam, President & CEO, Goodwill of Orange County
  • “A ‘how-to’ guide for developing and increasing your influence as a leader” – Veronica Duluk, Chief Operating Officer of Private Wealth Management, Wells Fargo
  • “Dave uses his vast experience to bring each of these lessons to life in a vibrant manner that helped energize my ongoing journey to be a humble leader making an impact.” Tommy Marshall Executive Director, Georgia Fintech Academy
  • Leading from Where you Are is a tremendous guide for every reader to understand, optimize, and contribute their unique, God-given leadership skills to the world. Very insightful and highly readable. The specific, actionable five steps at the end of each chapter is particularly very helpful.” Erik Davidson, DBA, CFA, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Baylor University

About Dave Coffaro

Dave Coffaro is a strategic advisor, executive coach, and author. His areas of expertise include leading organizations in the process of strategy development and execution, change leadership, organization transformation, and innovation.

Coffaro is principal of the Strategic Advisory Consulting Group, a management consultancy, and co-founder of Atticus, a fintech firm providing individuals and professional advisors with easy to use, do-it-yourself tools for fiduciary-based activities. His new book is “Leading from Where You Are”. For more information, visit www.davecoffaro.com.

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