Meriann Hoffman’s Service

Meriann Hoffman’s Service

As you may know, my Mom, Meriann Hoffman graduated this lesson of faith and life and has moved on to her next journey. She is now with God.

However, she is still with us in spirit. I can still hear her words. Her ever-present love can still be felt. Talking to her has become a part of my daily time of reflection.

Johnny, a great friend, and mentor of mine, recently gave me this advice. He said “go outside at night and look up at the stars. Pick one and know that it is the star that represents your Mom”. What is ironic is that a few years ago I sent my Mom a birthday card with a picture of the Big Dipper telling my Mom how she always kept our hearts filled with love and poured out her wisdom on this world! I told her that every time I looked at the Big Dipper, I would think of her.

Dubha: The Meriann Hoffman Star

From this day forward, I will use the top star in the cup of the Big Dipper to remember my Mom. When I see it, I will be reminded that she is still with me in spirit, pointing the way for me to fulfill my life’s purpose. The amazing thing is that this star and the one at the bottom of the cup point to the North Star.

Likewise, Merak, the bottom star of the cup, will remind me of my Dad. He was always there, with my Mom, pointing me in the right direction. The two of them were always there, working together, to guide me and support each other. Thank you, Johnny, for such an appropriate way to always remember and pay homage to the values they both gave me.

Meriann Hoffman’s Service

Meriann Hoffman”s Service

Here is the video of Meriann Hoffman’s service. A celebration of a truly great life.

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