Mind, Body and Spirit

Mind Body and Spirit
The three legged stool of a balanced life.
Mind Body and Spirit

Mind Body and Spirit. The Key to Success

This section is about you.  It covers getting your mind, body and spirit right, in order to accomplish what you want out of life.  This is arguably, the most important section, as it is the foundation for greatness. 

Three Legged Stool

It takes at least three legs to make a stool. It will not typically stand on one or two legs alone. At least not balanced to weather the years. Yet, when you add the third leg, and it will stand for a lifetime.

The three legged stool of “Wellness” consists on Mind Body and Spirit. Leave one leg out, and your life will not be whole. Join us here daily, for tips, training, and inspiration on how to grow each of these three legs to help you live a long, happy life.

Here, you will find articles, books, and ideas on how to lengthen your life by sharpening your mind, strengthening your body, and enlightening your spirit. Learn from experts and peers on each subject. You are encouraged to share your own ideas as well. Your wisdom may be the right message at the right time to help another reader overcome an obstacle.

It takes 30 Days to Make a Habit

Change takes effort. Just as it took action to gain the knowledge, experience and wisdom you have built over your lifetime, it will take action to keep ourselves in balance. Set aside a block of time daily, to work on your life’s balance. Start with 5 minutes a day by reading our daily tips, quotes and life hacks, and increase this as it becomes a habit.

Focus on the areas you wish to grow first, and expand out from there. Here are the links to the three legs of the Wellness Stool:

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