A Healthy Body

A Healthy Body

A Healthy Body. The foundation of a long and fruitful life.

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. A quote by Evelyn that is so true. Eating right, working out and reducing your stress level will go a long way at increasing the longevity of your life.

Is Will being healthy guarantee a long life? Of course not. But what it will guarantee is a BETTER life. True wealth is good health. You don’t believe me? Ask any person who has more money than they know what to do with who is dying and they will all tell you they would trade all their money for good health.

A Healthy Body

A healthy body has articles, books, and tips for you to read in the following categories:

  • Diet, Nutrition, and Food
  • Exercise and Recreation
  • Medical Breakthroughs

Many of these are free, but there are several affiliate links here. Amazon has some amazing books to read on this subject. You will find the links to these books here.

I have also written several books on health, fitness, and diet, which can be found here as well. They are available to members for a fraction of the public price in order to cover my costs. Check back often as the wisdom found here is updated constantly. Consider bookmarking this site and please share it with your friends.

Get a Workout Partner

The big changes you want in your life tomorrow come from the small habits you form today. Accountability makes all the difference in the world. Consider finding a workout partner to hold you accountable. Not only will this keep you motivated, but it will also make your workouts more fun as well. It is always more enjoyable to do something with somebody else than it is to do it alone. Make sure you share your goals with each other.

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