Activity and Exercise

Activity and Exercise
Let's Get Moving!

Activity and Exercise: Let’s get moving!

What good is a long life if we can’t enjoy it? Keeping yourself mentally and physically fit in your Golden Years is the true gold! You have so much left to give, and there is so much left in life to enjoy.

Look back 30 years. I am sure you pictured your golden years as a life of freedom. Free to do with your day with whatever your heart desired, Free from the constraints of a job or employer. The ability to go where you want, when you want. Well, to live this life you dreamed about requires a sound mind and body.

Activity and Exercise Habit

A sound mind and sound body come from habit. For your body, this means exercise and activity. For your mind, it means learning, reading, thinking, and meditating. Both physical and mental should be in balance.

Make a daily habit of these two core essentials. Start small and work your way up, but dedicate at least 15 minutes per day to start. It can be as easy as a walk around the block and reading a page from a book you are interested in. You choose, but make it something you like. Do this five times per week until it becomes a habit. A habit you will miss if you quit.

Eventually, you will start to love it, and won’t want to miss it. As a result, the time you devote to it will become longer and more meaningful. Enlist a friend or loved one to keep you accountable. Share your goals and activity plans with them.


Below is a list of articles, information, and ideas to help keep you motivated and teach you different skills. Please enjoy them, try them, and share them with your friends. Check back often as the information here grows quickly.

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