A Healthy Mind

Learning to Love Yourself

A Healthy Mind. With the right attitude, anything is possible.

This is by far the most important part of your journey to a long and happy life. For without getting your own mind and beliefs right, it is almost impossible to grow into the person you wish to be.

Think about it. Without motivation, will you get off the couch? If you lack discipline and habit, will you stick to something long enough to succeed? Furthermore, If you don’t love yourself, can you ever really love somebody else? If you lack humility and gratitude, can you ever learn something new?

A Healthy Mind

Exercise Your Mind

It has been said that everything you wish to know in life is written in a book. While this is not entirely true, It is still relevant.

Here in this section, you will find volumes of information to help you get your mind straight. Some are for purchase but most are free. Why so many? You may ask: “Can’t you just give me the one that matters?” Think about this: The exact same pot of boiling water make a potato soft and an egg hard. In other words, you are different from everybody else. You can read a book and get something different than another person who read the same book.

Consequently, you should read many different sources and take a few ideas from each that work for you. You say you don’t like to read? That in and of itself is a confirmation that you need to spend time in this section.

Build a habit of reading for just 5 minutes per day. Gradually increase as it gets easier and more enjoyable. If you think reading stinks, try taking a book into the bathroom and reading for the time you are indisposed. You get the picture. Find a place that is your own, pick something you wish to learn, and find a way to get lost in the lessons written on a page.


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A Healthy Mind

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