Delivery Driver Profit Calculator

Delivery Driver Profit Calculator
Use this calculator to see how much profit you make from each trip.

Delivery Driver Profit Calculator

Here is a handy delivery driver profit calculator to determine if a delivery trip will be worthwhile. It is extremely helpful for side hacks like Amazon Flex and Citizen Shipper.

Please down load the Excel Calculator using the link above. It is free of charge for you to use to quickly determine if a trip will be profitable for you. All I ask is that you join Great Past 60 as a member to use it.

To use it, you simply fill in the fields in yellow, and it will show you valuable information to make a decision if the trip is worth it or not.

Delivery Driver Profit Calculator


Fill in the fields in yellow. Start with the estimated ROUND TRIP miles for the trip. Next, enter the average, current price of gas per gallon. If you will have any overnight hotel or food costs, enter them in the spaces provided

Next, enter your estimated round trip driving time in hours and the average speed for the route. Now for the good part: enter the amount the trip will pay you or your bid amount. Finally, for this section of the calculator, enter the miles per gallon your vehicle gets.

Enter Annual Fixed Cost

Now it’s time for you to enter your annual fixed costs. Enter the amount of your car payments per year (not month), your license and registration fees per year, and your annual insurance and parking costs.

Enter Annual Variable Costs

From here, enter the amount of miles and hours you expect to drive in a year. Next, enter the estimated annual maintenance cost , tire cost, and misc. costs such as car washes, toll fees, oil changes, etc.

That’s it! You are all done. The calculator tells you information both on your trip and in general on an annual basis. It will tell you how much gas you will need, what the cost of that gas will be. Most importantly, it will tell you if the trip will be profitable or not. It will even tell you the effective hourly rate you will earn, if you have that hourly pay mentality.

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