In Memory of Meriann Hoffman

Remembering Meriann Hoffman  A Life of Love and Giving

Meriann Hoffman. A Life of Love and Giving

Remembering Meriann Hoffman. A Life of Love and Giving. A few hours ago, My Mom passed away. While I am still in a state of shock, writing helps me to make sense of things.

Because of the love, caring, and faith given to me by my Mom and Dad, I know that Meriann Hoffman is on a new journey. A journey of unimaginable love, peace, and grace. I know without a shadow of a doubt that she is now with God.

However, I am selfish. I would give anything in the world to have her back. For, if you knew her, you would know that she was one of the most caring, giving, and loving people to have ever graced this earth. She never judged, she loved instead. She never liked the spotlight. She found joy in serving instead.

She Held My Hand

Ever since I can remember, my Mom was always there.
She taught me how to live and love, and always to be fair.
Whenever I fell and hurt myself, be it hard ground or soft sand,
My Mom was never far away, and came to hold my hand.

As I grew older, I still would fall, with the things this life demand.
Mom always had that perfect word to make sure on my feet I would land.
It mattered not whose fault it was or if the challange was small or grand.
What mattered most was the love she gave, and being there to hold my hand.

My Mom has left to be with God, for reasons I don't understand.
For she loves our God with all her heart and would not question his command.
I will always miss hearing her voice, be it in person or through broadband.
But the amazing thing is she is still with me in spirit, right there holding my hand.

I have been so lucky!

Most Friday evenings, I get together with my friends and neighbors and we play Farkle. In the last nine years, I have NEVER won. They say I am the most unlucky person they know. This may be true for dice, but I tell them I am actually extremely lucky. I just used my luck up when I was born when God granted me the two best parents in the world.

They have given me so much. They gave me the best values, all their love and support, and most importantly, the love of God. Before she went into surgery, she told me she was at peace. No matter what the outcome, she said she would be fine. I never thought for a moment that I would never hear her voice again.

As I am writing this, I now understand what she was saying. I still feel her. Be it not in person, I can hear her in my head. I can see her in my mind’s eye. In fact, she will be with me for the rest of my life.

Mom, you have given so much to so many. You have touched thousands and are loved by so many. Go in peace, Mom. You deserve it on your next journey. But stay with me in spirit, as you are still needed, and will live in my heart forever.

I love you, Mom!

Bob Hoffman, the luckiest guy alive.

Remembering Meriann Hoffman

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  1. Karen Boynton says:

    Wow, Bob,
    We consider ourselves Lucky too knowing you. Our lives cross in many directions and you never know which way you are going to turn. I am so glad we took a RIGHT and met YOU!! We Love You Bob, Karen and Les
    Give our Condolences to Your Loving Dad!

  2. larry c bradley says:

    I know what it is to miss that special mom that has gone on to be in a better place. Hold on to those memories with joy. Wishing your family the best in difficult time. You are in our prayers.

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