The Importance of Friendships

The Importance of Friendships is the seventh in a series of ten articles from the book, Women’s Emotional Wellness by Robert Hoffman

The Importance of Personal Friendships Among Women

In our lives, we have special people who we regard as friends. These friends are who are there through thick and thin. You can count on them no matter what dramas you may encounter. They are our allies and confidants, the ones who come to your rescue whenever an emergency arises. They listen and understand.

There is an unending affectionate warmth that bonds the best friendships together. True friends are like siblings born from another mother. Without friends, life could be an unbearable existence.

It’s not often that we are asked to think about the significance of friends in our lives – their value. Most of us are too busy with our own affairs to notice how important our friends are in keeping us stable emotionally.

However, now that we are formally discussing friendships among women, it’s time for us to take a look at how important these friendships are, to both parties involved.

Building Binding Friendships

Friendships support health and wellness through interpersonal ties. Perhaps you can remember when you where a teenager, and you and your girlfriends would do everything together. You would share your snacks, review your lessons together, and no doubt all go to the bathroom together!

You may have started experimenting with makeup and watching each other’s calorie intake. The idea of shared goals would have fed and motivated you into building happy, healthy lives. This is an example of how having common likes binds the best friendships together.

This is also the reason why the importance of female friendships cannot be underestimated. As friendship bonds grow over time, you understand each other more and more. Eventually, your thoughts, likes, and dislikes converge, align, and develop synchronicity for better or worse. This is where you would have read or seen many times how people become like those around them.

Quality Depends on the Company You Keep

Studies reveal that friendships are beneficial for women because their sense of togetherness carves an avenue for the exploration of experiences essential for self-development. People are shaped by their interaction with others within their environment. People who mingle with people more knowledgeable than themselves broaden their own knowledge, even about themselves.

Most women do feel a strong need to be surrounded by female companions and to interact with them regularly. This predisposition to connect is said to originate from our natural social-being nature. Friendships among women can be viewed as avenues for communal support. Women gravitate towards other women because of their need for like-minded companionship.

A woman’s fundamental beliefs and even her outlook on life are molded and cemented into place by their relationships with other women. Females friends can transform into becoming one of their ‘significant others’ in more ways than one. They provide solace to their souls. They help one another overcome any traumas that have stemmed from any horrors of previous relationships.

Women are at their best when they have supportive female friends. Their friends provide emotional support and the space they need to gain mental and emotional stability.

Friends are an important, beneficial aspect of their lives in all areas. They are there for allowing the vent of toxic feelings, personal issues, and also triumphs experienced. As they say, only a woman can understand what another woman is going through. And to be fair to men, they wouldn’t want to spend a day in any woman’s head anyway!

Friends reinforce the best in a person, and indeed, friends remind us of the inner power that we have that transforms our lives for the better.

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