The Rewards of Giving

The Rewards of Giving.

Lessons learned from our Moms and Dads: As you may have read, my Mom has recently been called home. My Mom and my Dad (still alive and giving) have modeled giving, loving, and compassion my whole life.

As a tribute to Bill and Meriann Hoffman, I am starting a series of posts entitled: Lessons learned from our Moms and Dads. It is a series showcasing random acts of caring, kindness, and the impact of our actions that we usually don’t see until much later. It is about people who give without ever expecting anything in return.

The amazing thing is, however, while we don’t expect anything in return, we always get something back. If we are lonely, try helping somebody else out. Our loneliness dissappears as we do this. the same holds true for almost any negative emotion we encounter. Writing these posts has helped me immensely in the grieving process of losing my Mom while keeping her in front of me.

The Rewards of Giving

While this video is reportedly based on a true story, I have not been able to verify this. However, this is not the point. The point is how giving changes lives for all involved. Don’t let the message be overshadowed by production quality or historical verification. Enjoy it for the message.


Helping others is also help yourself.????

Posted by Feedy on Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Helping others

I am sorry for the subtitles, but this video is worth watching. While the fairy tale rarely comes to pass, the gifts to ourselves from the giving ALWAYS come to us. They usually take the form of joy, happiness, and a life of purpose. If you think you have nothing to give, share your heart, for this is the biggest gift of all and it doesn’t cost you one cent!

God Bless you, my friend!

Bob Hoffman

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