Why We Procrastinate

Why We Procrastinate

Why We Procrastinate. A four-lesson course on overcoming procrastination.

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Course Description

Do You Feel Like You Are Always Working but Accomplish Little? Learn How to Overcome Procrastination So You Get the Important Things Done

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It’s something we all do at times. We postpone tasks we dislike doing. We waste time on unnecessary things to avoid doing unpleasant, yet more important tasks. Procrastination, while seemingly harmless can have quite a negative impact on our lives. 

Many people don’t realize they are chronic procrastinators. It’s simply become a habit to put things off to do later. Other people procrastinate when they are afraid of doing something or are bored with the project. But those are just a few of the reasons why we procrastinate. 

This e-course is designed to help you recognize your procrastination patterns and learn ways to overcome them, so you get more done each day. 

Overcoming Procrastination 

Sign up today and you’ll learn:

  • The reasons people procrastinate 
  • The harmful affects procrastination has on your life 
  • How to recognize habits and patterns that lead to procrastination  
  • Ways to overcome some, if not all, of these habits and patterns 
  • How to avoid procrastination 
  • How to become more productive 
  • Ways to make productivity a life-long habit
      …and a whole lot more! 

You will get more things accomplished in the same, or less, time. You will also feel less stress and enjoy more free time.

Sign up for this course now.  Simply enter your name, email address, and click ‘Sign Me Up!’ below to instantly receive your first lesson. You will receive the other three lessons by email over the next three days. https://greatpast60.com/members/members-only-section-great-past-60-exclusive-content/

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